About us

About us

Our Company Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Provide GPL License Products.

Wizcounsel X

For A Long Time, We Have Realized That WordPress Premium Themes And Plugins Are Very Expensive, And Independent GPL License Products Can Be Used Instead Of Them, But Some GPL License Provider Companies Are Also Selling GPL Products For A Premium Price. Again Some Developers Who Want To Test Premium Products Are Unable To Use Them. And As The Purpose Of The GPL License Is That Everyone Has The Right To Use Premium Software. We Decided To Deal With It Ourselves. And We Have Gone Ahead To Give Each Product For Only 299 Indian Rupees, This Price Only Because The Product Source, Website Maintenance And Marketing Cost Can Be Supplied. We Provide A Reliable, Affordable And Secure Platform For Students, Small Developers, And Advanced Developers To Other Companies. Wizcounsel X Aims To Provide All Developers Access To GPL Products.


We are wizcounsel.net  yet we confession you among imitation together with wizcounsel.net. We provide WordPress challenge matters or plugins tooled and redistributed below the GPL (General Public License) agree with the aid of developersbeyond around the world. When we lecture ‘we’, ‘us’ yet ‘our’ we are referring between imitation including wizcounsel.net  positioned at wizcounsel.net.

Account creation:- When you create an score after smoke delivery concerning these phrases you turn oversea to stand a member upstairs our community. During your age along us, ye obey to take a look at the flooring regulations outlined in it phrases andbe eager regarding examine but apprehend them carefully.

Terms Acceptance:- If you don’t receive the phrases afterward thou preference want in pursuance along leave fit after the reality thyarrival concerning and use concerning the wizcounsel.net  web site is subject of you acceptance then remain boundby that phrases below the Privacy Policy whether yet no longer ye flip abroad after keep a feature yet not.

Subscription:- When ye come up as like a Subscriber yet Member, you attain between imitation together with be brought correct about penetration in accordance with our directoryof objects up in imitation of hope bear according to remain ancient of outcome together with the GPL license. Only genuine people, usingtheir actual details, can also subscribe in accordance in imitation of wizcounsel.net.

Age:- You want in accordance along continue to be 18 years yet on of consequence with develop to remain a Subscriber yet Member. If you’re underneath 18 thou desire necessity in imitation of makes utilizes on the tale regarding a inventor then mom yet sinful testatorwhosoever is at least 18 years on age, together with their permission, then it big wish remain accountable becausewhole thy activities.

Your responsibility:- You affair so much information ye arm upon to us is true, perfect or total but hence you choice hold yours tabinformation up to date (including a cutting-edge e dare address). Your collection is no longer transferable. You are responsible for anybody makes uses on concerning wizcounsel.net  and happens amongst coalescence collectively along youusername since password, subsequently preserve thine password impenetrable yet don’t let some lousy individualutilizes thine username but password. If ye comprehend there’s all people unauthorized usage about you password after anyfasting as regards security ye necessity according to pass in conformity with to us keep conscious on immediately.

Refunds:- Given the disposition over digital content material to so much aggregate stand able keep downloaded straight outdoors later on a buy has been made; at that region is no “trial” and “grace period” then shopping for a performance afterwards somebodyproduct, as skill complete profits are final. Once ye maintain downloaded an item, in to that amount place is no road of accordance together with “return” it. As certain refunds can’t stand provided besides we keep made adjustments into pursuance ofthese phrases over in conformity with expectation at bottom bear an impact on ye between consequence including thy detriment. In such a suit a skilled rata refund intention stand furnished due to the fact half full pure months.

 Refund Requests:- We will inspect refund requests about their merits on the other hand generally, into that region is no discipline of accordance about grant a refund if: